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The Birdwatcher in Julian CA

About The Birdwatcher Store.
The Birdwatcher is a niche market retail store that was opened on September 1, 1997. The store focuses exclusively on products that appeal to wild bird enthusiasts.  Bird feeders, Bird baths, gift items, music, optics, books, bird food, clothing, wall decor, and garden art comprise the inventory mix
birdfeeder, birding gifts, music and more

Birding supplies and gifts
With over 475 species of birds, San Diego County is home to more species than any county in North America.  The Birdwatcher Store serves the needs of this area's wild bird enthusiasts and beginning bird-watchers with a wide range of bird feed, specialty items and gifts.

The Birdwatcher is also an excellent source of education and information about local birding areas, birdwatching groups and activities.

The Pioneer Hotel in JulianA LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY
The Birdwatcher Store is a replication of the Pioneer Hotel which was located approximately where the Julian Market stands today.  On June 29, 1892 the Pioneer Hotel, Mountain View Hotel, Turf Saloon and a restaurant were destroyed by fire. The fire started in the night and the entire population fought it, mostly with water drawn from wells with buckets. The Pioneer, as with most buildings that were destroyed by the fire, was never rebuilt.

The Birdwatcher's barn-like 2000 sq ft store was constructed in the summer of 1997 on a vacant lot on B Street in the style of the historic hotel.  Since September 1997, The Birdwatcher has thrived as a bustling wild bird center for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Click to enlarge to a printable map to the Birdwatcher in Julian CA
The Birdwatcher is open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Our store is located on B Street in the heart of historic Julian. Click the map at the left to enlarge a printable map to The Birdwatcher in downtown Julian, California.hummingbird feeders

The Birdwatcher in Julian, California
2775 B Street Julian, CA 92036    Phone: 760-765-1817   Fax: 760-765-3992
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